The game of collaboration: Why Collaboration fail and How gamification can help

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Collaboration is the most spoken word in business. The value of doing it seems clear, i.e. if you collaborate, then you will get better results. And the advent of social technology (social media), e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc - seems to suggest that people can successfully collaborate anytime anywhere. Unfortunately, many collaborative efforts turn up to be disasters and frustrate all collaborators. Having fantastic collaborative tools (social technology) at our disposal, doesn't make us better collaborators.


In this talk, Roan is going to share with you, why collaboration often fails and how gamification can solve the puzzle of collaboration. 

Type: Talk

Facilitator / Speaker: Roan Yong


Roan helps people to understand collaboration, to use "self-interest" as incentive for collaboration, and to collaborate using social technology in online communities/tribes. He recently published a free e-book on Social Collaboration (http://bit.ly/sociacol) and is a thought leader in the subject.


During office (boring) hours, Roan is a public servant in a Singapore statutory board. He does Knowledge Management, i.e. he manages organisational knowledge/information in corporate intranet, and cultivates online communities/tribes. He is also an executive committee member of Information and Knowledge Management Society in Singapore (iKMS). 

Blog: http://roanyong.com/

Twitter: @roanyong

Facebook: http://facebook.com/roan.yong


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