Society 2

Abstract: Gov 2.0 begins with citizens and society.  The way we engage with each other reflects or impacts how we engage with government.  How do we engage? And how has that changed with social media?  Are we more transparent in our interactions, do we show more trust?  Are we ready for collaboration?

Type: Talk

Facilitator / Speaker: Prof. Ashish Lall from NUS - Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Biography: Ashish LALL has published extensively in the areas of productivity and efficiency measurement for railways, airports and air traffic control services in North America and for manufacturing industries in Singapore.  He also has written on trade and competition policy issues.  He has been a consultant for a number of Singapore Ministries, the World Bank, UNDP and the World Trade Organization.  His current research focus is on competitiveness policies in the ASEAN region. 


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