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Robin Ann Rheaume

Robin has lived in Singapore for 20 years and considers it home. Last year she took a break from a career in banking to focus on community work, much of which has been with AWARE. Besides running their website and helping them out in all matters geek, she has acted as a sex education instructor, a trained helpliner (phone crisis support) and has advised on training for awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace.


James Gomez

Dr. James Gomez has over 20 year of international experience as a policy and communications specialist with inter-governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, think-tanks and universities in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand and United Kingdom.Before embarking on The GOMEZ Centre initiative, Dr. Gomez was an academic from May 2009 to May 2011 at Monash University where he served as Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Arts and Head of Public Relations, School of Applied Media and Social Science. Dr. Gomez is best known in Singapore for civil and political work. 


Kirsten Han

As an extension of her spud-like qualities, Kirsten is the editor of online magazine SEA Youth Say So, and the co-founder of anti-death penalty campaign We Believe In Second Chances. She was the deputy editor of Singaporean socio-political website The Online Citizen. She is constantly seeking opportunities to travel, collecting stories and taking photographs. Despite being an Internet addict, she has survived two weeks in the jungle along the Thai border without WiFi (or electricity) teaching Karen youth basic public speaking skills and how to play UNO.


Roan Yong

Roan helps people to understand collaboration, to use "self-interest" as incentive for collaboration, and to collaborate using social technology in online communities/tribes. He recently published a free e-book on Social Collaboration (http://bit.ly/sociacol) and is a thought leader in the subject.


During office (boring) hours, Roan is a public servant in a Singapore statutory board. He does Knowledge Management, i.e. he manages organisational knowledge/information in corporate intranet, and cultivates online communities/tribes. He is also an executive committee member of Information and Knowledge Management Society in Singapore (iKMS).


Ridzuan Ashim

Starting and maintaining Ridz.sg aside, Ridzuan is Co-Founder of Senseless Labs – A software solutions company currently focused on building mobile-based Marketing and CRM solutions. He has been dabbling in both web and mobile development since 2003. His interests include how technology can be used to improve the human condition, poverty alleviation through sustainable development, education and microfinancing.


Preetam Rai

Preetam is interested in using social platforms for collaboration and emergency response. Preetam is an educator and a technologist with interest in brining people tougher to share ideas via the social web and participatory events.


Shanyang Yin

Yin Shanyang is a principal at Swarm, an independent data visualisation & interaction design studio. Our most recent adventure being the Singapore GE2011 Tracker. 


Xinghui Guo

Xinghui Guo is a Journalist with FutureGov Asia Pacific magazine, working across both this online portal and the print magazine. Her regular editorial beats include Cloud Computing and Education. She has toiled long and hard for an education in Mass Communications, and since joining FutureGov has acquired an insatiable appetite for public sector content. Not least because it is a source of unusual anecdotes at parties. During working hours Xinghui is forever asking questions and writing up responses—but her spare hours are spent conserving energy (sleeping), reading literature (not chick lit) and shopping (she’s a girl after all).

Jianggan Li

Jianggan Li is the Editorial Director of FutureGov, based in Beijing and running the editorial teams in Singapore, Makati and Delhi. As the longest serving member of the team, Jianggan is a respected commentator on public sector modernisation in Asia Pacific - and has developed a particular speciality in healthcare transformation, as well as developments in North Asia. Originally from Jiangsu province in China, Jianggan was a scholar in Computer Engineering at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University before joining the company.



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